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Didactic eBook
The perfect setting

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"A detailed study"
Sergio Scappini

"Great clarity and competence"
Romano Benetello

"I strongly recommend this book"
Walter Losi

In the didactic book The perfect setting, Maestro Emanuele Rastelli explains, in a clear and exhaustive way, the perfect physical and instrumental setting to play the accordion with the best advantages for technique and health.

More than 100 illustrative photographs guarantees an immediate learning. The instructions of Dr. Danilo Casali, doctor of physiotherapy and osteopathy (www.osteopatia.sm), complete this work, suitable for all musicians and accordion teachers.

Take a look at Emanuele Rastellis dicography and use the opportunity to enrich your collection of accordion music with some more outstanding recordings.

Sheet music
Click here to buy compositions of Emanuele Rastelli and the Maestros arrangements of famous songs. Benefit of this splendid opportunity to study and enlarge your repertoire.

Online lessons
Use the opportunity and take online lessons via Skype directly with Emanuele Rastelli. Maestro Rastelli will teach you how to improve your posture, your agility and technical performance, how to strengthen the fingers, how to use correctly the bellow, how to vary and improvise etc.
New album
Klezmer Emotions
Emanuele Rastelli
Klezmer Emotions

Accordion and Arrangements: Emanuele Rastelli
Transverse flute: Claudio Ferrarini
Recording: Roberto Pozzi c/o De Opera Studio Rimini

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